As the doomsday clock neared midnight for a new spacefaring civilization that had only just begun to explore its surroundings, the panic and desperation of a people on the brink of collapse gave unlimited resources to a team of scientists dedicated to saving their ways of life. After a thousand years of growing discontent and resource starvation, the torch of hope being passed from one research team to the next, the solution to all of their problems was finally discovered. Using mechanics once unknown, the scientists built for themselves bodies of immense power and control over the natural world, granting the powers of both the trees of life and of good and evil.

With complete power came complete paranoia. Knowing best, they usurped the failing governments of the Federation and instituted a new Republic with the fifteen of them as total autocrats, guiding humanity to a new era of prosperity, peace, and progress. As discoverers of truth and leaders of the future, the newfound gods named themselves Prospectors.

The struggle between the agency of mortality and the safety of omniscience creates a barrier between the people and the gods. Even with a complete understanding of the workings of the world, the intricacies of ethical decision making remains elusive and the mistakes of the gods can unmake even the most beautiful of creations.

A crew of traveling merchants finds themselves caught in a rotting scheme between gods with just one simple task: deliver a letter to Prospera.


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